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MDM Technik Marlow

S4/S5 3.0T

  • Stage Packages
  • All prices inc VAT and prices correct at time of print.

    Things to check before getting your car remapped.

    1. Supercharger belt replaced every 57K miles
    2. Uprated engine oil 5W40 and decreased service intervals to 5K miles at stage 1+
    3. Carbon clean carried out every 57K miles
    4. Car is in good overall health, tyres have good tread and set to correct pressures, brakes perform correctly etc etc.
    We highly recommend using Shell V power fuel or secondly, Tesco Momentum 99 fuel and a DSG / S-Tronic remap with stage 1

    Peak power figures only tell a small part of how the car will perform on the road. Your car is driven on the road so why get caught up on BHP figures, they have no relation to how fast your car is. Please read and

    A remap is not magic, we can't overcome flow restrictions and limitations when poor quality, poor designed, none developed parts are fitted to the car.

    Revo Technik

    The below prices are based on a Audi S4 3.0T CAKA engine using Revo intake, Revo supercharger pulley kit and highly recommend Revo charge cooler at stage 1+.

    Revo stage 1. 395BHP – 409BHP & 375lbft – 395lbft. No hardware required.

    Revo stage 1+. 409BHP - 442BHP & 405lbft - 450lbft includes Revo intake & Revo supercharger pulley kit £1999.00. Highly recommend the Revo charge cooler kit £1379.00 with stage 1+.

    Revo stage 1 S-Tronic remap. £358.80
    The Revo Performance Stage 1 DL501 S-Tronic Gearbox Software has been carefully calibrated to work with our Revo performance engine software. Revo S-Tronic transmission performance software allows you to use the full potential of the engine, optimising the launch control, shift and torque limiter functions, giving control back to the driver. Hold onto the gear through that sweeping corner without the worry of the transmission shifting up and throwing out the balance of the car, have no worries about using full throttle and having the car jump about whilst shifting down for you… get back in full control with Revo S-Tronic software.
    Technical Data

    • Launch Control*: Take off speed increased to 4000rpm for quicker and more aggressive launches.
    • Drive mode: Up/Downshift maps remain very similar to stock but have the upshift point have been increased to 7000rpm. We have worked on increasing the smoothness of the transmission with the benefit of having quicker shift speeds with a more intuitive gear selection.
    • Sport Mode: Up/Downshift maps are calibrated for sportier and progression driving. Upshift points have been raised to 7000rpm with the smoothness and shift speeds being increased. Downshift RPM points have been optimized/increased helping keep the engine in it optimum performance range.
    • Shift speed: Shifts have been fine tuned to offer a quicker and more precise shift further engaging the driver with the vehicle and overall experience.
    • Manual Mode: Automatic Up/Downshift in manual mode has been fully disabled 2nd gear onwards allowing the driver to Up/Downshift as and when they please, giving more control to the driver and allowing the full potential of engine to be explored.
    • Manual Mode Kickdown: Fully disabled giving more control over the car (Excluding early 8.4 ECU equipped vehicles)
    • Electronic torque limiter Increase: The torque limit built into the factory software has been increased to over 500Nm. NOTE: these limits are not hardware limits, but built in software limits from the factory.

    *NOTE: We DO NOT enable launch control if the vehicle doesn't have it as standard, typically this is only on very early 2009 vehicles

    United Motorsport

    Please call 01491 412416 or email to discuss your requirements including remapping for larger crank pulleys ranging from 162.06mm (OEM) to 183.00mm

    Every United Motorsport Loaded tune is hand calibrated for your car.

    We will start with a base file created to your vehicle's individual specification.
    We collect several runs of data, then optimize and customize the tune to your car.

    This ensures:
    - Perfect drivability
    - Proper boost control
    - Proper air and fuel management
    Add-on features
    - User adjustable launch control
    - User adjustable no lift shift / flat shift (manual gearbox)
    - User adjustable boost control
    - User adjustable octane control

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  • Suspension
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